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The predictable momentum of cosmetic bottle packaging

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In recent years, cosmetic bottle packaging has maintained a rapid growth momentum.We have found that bottle packaging occupies a large part of the market share in cosmetic packaging.This is thanks to the superior performance of the plastic cosmetic bottle packaging market.

Compared with other forms of packaging, cosmetic bottle packaging has many advantages.First, plastic cosmetic bottle packaging has the very strong plasticity, compared to other types of packaging, rich source of plastic materials and molding good performance, structure and shape can be made into all kinds of cosmetics bottles, and be able to do all kinds of decoration and horizontal design, better packaging sales function into full play.This can receive the attention and favour of cosmetic enterprise.Secondly, the application of in-mold labeling technology improves the grade of cosmetic bottles, which is more advantageous than other types of packaging.Our company has always been ahead of the industry requirements for the technology research of cosmetic packaging machine, in which the cellophane tri-dimensiona overwrapping machine is a combination of high and new technology.

In the next few years, it is worth celebrating that cosmetic bottles are expected to grow strongly in the foreseeable future.

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