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The process of making mooncakes with bakery equipment

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With the speeding up of the pace of life and the increased cost of workers, moon cake production adopt scientific methods of production and technological process as well as advanced production equipment investment has always been hot issues of common concern to operators.In the future, the mooncake production line will become more and more popular, and the demand will be in an upward mode.The process of specific mooncake production line is as follows:

(1) knead dough:First, boil the filtered white sugar syrup, caramel and the melted ammonium bicarbonate into the pulverizer, then start the pulverizer, stirring thoroughly, making it emulsified into the emulsion.Then add the flour for the leather and continue to stir with the dough mixer to make a soft and moderate dough.After the machine is down, put dough into the shell of the mooncake forming machine.

(2) make stuffing:First dispatch powdered sugar, oil and various auxiliary materials into powder machine, after being stir evenly, add cooked flour continue to stir well, becomes a soft hard moderate stuffing, filling is put in the moon cake machine in the hopper.

(3) the molding:Start the mooncake forming machine, the noodle making machine, the stuffing ration mechanism and the printing mechanism cooperate with each other to make the mooncake green.

(4) baking:After molding, the raw billet is put into the rotary oven for baking, and the oven temperature is about 240 degrees centigrade and the baking time is 9-10min.

(5) cooling;Water, oil, high sugar content of the cakes, freshly baked products is very soft, can't squeeze, not packing immediately, otherwise it will damage the modelling of mooncakes and beautiful, and hot packaging of moon cakes is easy to create conditions for the survival of microbial breeding, make mooncakes metamorphism.Therefore, after the mooncake is out of the oven, it will enter the conveyor belt, and when it is cool, it can be packed into the warehouse.

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