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The use and maintenance of mechanical equipment.

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Before the equipment is used, we should know the mechanical properties, working principle and operating rules of the equipment, and strictly follow the procedures. In general, it is necessary to carry out the test and check whether the operation is normal.

②The use of mechanical equipment should not be overloaded and should be avoided for long periods of time.

③Equipment with gearbox should be lubricated in time to maintain a certain amount of oil to reduce friction and avoid gear wear.

④During the operation of the equipment, it is not allowed to move the variable speed handle and change the speed, otherwise it will damage the transmission parts of the variable speed device.

⑤To carry out maintenance inspection on the main parts and the motor drive of the vulnerable parts regularly.

⑥Always keep the machine clean and clean the outside of the machine with weak alkaline warm water. When cleaning, disconnect the power supply and prevent the motor from dampening.

⑦When the abnormal sound is detected or heard during the operation of the equipment, the machine should be stopped immediately to check, and then continue operation after troubleshooting.

⑧Do not litter the equipment, lest foreign body fall into mechanical damage equipment.

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