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Vacuum Packaging In The Food Industry Are Widely

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Clothes make the man, Buddha gold. Product packaging is to attract the first vision system in the eyes of consumers, food industry, power industry, need high quality vacuum packaging machines and equipment for the industry to make the best of packaging, will make these products entering the market can be consumers first see and impressed, so as to reflect corporate branding.

With the deepening of the process of modernization, easy growing market of leisure products, needs more than the hundreds of billions of Yuan a year, consumer market, an annual increase of 25% to grow vacuum packaging food in China has a huge market and development space.

With the ease of logistics, the popularity of car a highway construction, expanding the scope of circulation, it is imperative to extend the storage period of processed foods. Particularly in the food industry, vacuum packaging applications is quite common, for vacuum packaging helps prevent food spoilage, food companies and consumers of all ages; various cooked products such as chicken and duck products, sausages, hams, meats cooked in soy sauce; pickled products such as pickles and bean products, dried fruit and other various needs of fresh food are increasingly used in vacuum packaging. Long after vacuum packing of food preservation period, greatly extending the shelf life of foods.

In recent years, popular "family instead of fast food" a new concept, the basic concept is to provide customers with going out to eat or ready meal, that buying a home can be eaten directly or with a little heat can eat or eat food in the open air.

Now, in the face of our themes of life, people's meals, lodging concept has undergone earth-shaking changes, eating is not the easiest satiety, but represents a culture and tastes; and the hard work, people will spend more time cooking less and less, and this situation has greatly promoted the development of leisure and convenience of fast food. This nutritious, rich and strong demand from consumers.


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