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What Is Called Dough Proofing ?

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What is called dough proofing ?

Proofing (also called proving or more rarely blooming), as the term is used by bakers, is the final rise of shaped bread dough before baking. It refers to a specific rest period within the more generalized process known as fermentation. Fermentation is a step in creating yeast breads and baked goods where the yeast is allowed to leaven the dough.

Fermentation rest periods are not always explicitly named, and can appear in recipes as "Allow dough to rise." When they are named, terms include "bulk fermentation," "first rise," "second rise," "final proof" and "shaped proof".

Proofing yeast (as opposed to proofing the shaped bread dough) refers to the process of first dissolving yeast in warm water, a needed hydration step when using active dry yeast. Proofing can also refer to testing the viability of yeast by dissolving it in water and feeding it sugar or carbohydrate.  If the yeast is viable, it will feed on the sugar and produce a visible layer of bubbles on the surface of the water mixture.

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