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Why is the bread line so popular

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The bread line is made of three progressive thins and then pressed into the appropriate thickness.The filling machine is filled to the surface by automatic filling machine. The dough is rolled into a cylindrical shape by the rolling wheel, which is then cut into a ball by the forming cutter.Long strip cake embryo, the whole forming process will not destroy the surface of the skin, completely maintain the original taste.

Application of bread production line:

Tea restaurant equipment, cake room equipment, coffee shop equipment, bakery equipment, western-style food store equipment, beverage shop equipment, Chinese restaurant equipment, winery equipment, leisure food factory equipment, etc.

Suitable for large and medium-sized cake manufacturers, produce different regional specialty snack food:

Suitable for production: shortcake: su style moon cake, wife cake, green bean cake, flower cake, spring roll, meat muffin;

Bread: bread and butter, French bread, long bread, steamed bread, small bread, hamburger;

Description: it can make bread, long bread, spring rolls, French bread, etc.

Fission machine;It can be used to make shortcake, muffin, su - style moon cake, flower cake, etc.

Characteristics of bread line:

1. Modular design, flexible layout and different plant structure;Compact structure, small footprint, save workshop space;

2. High degree of automation, greatly reduce manpower demand and reduce production cost;

3. Separate functional zones to reduce pollution risks and meet the requirements of food production safety and hygiene;

4. Greatly enhance corporate image, and conform to the trend of open visit factory.


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