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  • Food Packing Machine


    At present, imported confectionery, chocolate and other foods are still popular in China, although they are higher in price than domestic products.In the past, domestic products were inferior in quality and taste, but now they are more about packaging.At present, the packaging level of candy and cho Read More

  • The development of labelling machine has led to the progress of modern packaging industry


    In recent years, the development of labeling machine has proved that the analysis of market demand and efforts to meet the market demand can promote the development of the market and promote the new development of the whole industry.It has played an important role since it was put on the history sta Read More

  • The technical parameters and technical characteristics of the cookies are introduced


    1. Technical parametersSize: 1380 * 980 * 1180 mmVoltage: 220 vPower: 1.5 KWWeight: 450 kgTray size: 600*400mmProduction: 100~150 kg/h2. Equipment advantagesThe LCD touch panel, PLC control and servo motor are used in the transmission part.The whole machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum, e Read More

  • The perfect production of a baguette


    It is a kind of traditional French bread made of flour, water, salt and yeast. It is usually not added with oil, preservatives, sugar and other materials.Nowadays, it is no longer just handicraft products, but industrial production allows it to scale production and meet the increasing demand of the Read More

  • Why is the bread line so popular


    The bread line is made of three progressive thins and then pressed into the appropriate thickness.The filling machine is filled to the surface by automatic filling machine. The dough is rolled into a cylindrical shape by the rolling wheel, which is then cut into a ball by the forming cutter.Long str Read More

  • Technical characteristics and process flow of shredded cake production line


    Shredded cake production line, scallion pancake production line, yilan pancake production line, Indian pancake production line, Arabic pie shell production line, all kinds of pancake skin production line.An overview ofThe shredded cake production lines, just remove the dough from the blender after c Read More

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